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  • Hygiene supplies
  • Paper grocery bags with handles

Drop off at CES - 1900 11th Avenue S. 


The accomplishments of CES's small staff are amplified by a strong and enthusiastic corps of more than 2,300 volunteers. Each year, CES hosts many volunteer groups from as far away as Michigan. About half of the volunteers help deliver CES Meals On Wheels; the other half fulfills a variety of functions within CES.

Volunteers are needed each week for these tasks.  Contact Melanie LaPointe for details.

  • Sort donated groceries: Monday thru Friday 9am-4pm
  • Intake desk: Monday – Thursday 12:30-4pm
  • Interviewer/Advocate: Monday-Thursday 12:30-4pm and Wednesday 4pm-6pm
  • Meals on Wheels driver: Monday – Friday 11am-1pm
  • Meals on Wheels kitchen: Monday-Friday 8am-11am

Click on a section below to read more detailed descriptions of these volunteer tasks.

Volunteer Story: Giving Back

Jackie Butchee joined the CES Board to represent CES clients. She has lived in the area for several years with her husband Danny. Jackie loves helping people, which she once did as a Nursing Assistant, a career that was cut short due to a diagnosis of epilepsy. She continued to help others by volunteering at CES, an area nursing home and for the Epilepsy Foundation. She meets with teenage girls who have epilepsy and encourages them not to give up! When Jackie fell on to hard times, CES helped her with rent and food. Jackie states, "This is my way of giving back. CES is my family because they were there when I needed someone the most. I am grateful!" Although her role on the board was cut short by illness, Jackie volunteered at CES in a variety of ways when she was able.

Volunteer Story: A God Thing

Each day at 1:15 pm, volunteer interviewers gather for prayer before they help those who come for food or other aid. This Friday was no different. Carl Estey, one of the Friday volunteers, prayed for direction and that God would put together the right combinations of interviewer/client.

The last person Carl helped was a woman, Sarah, who spoke only Spanish. Try as he might, all he could figure out was that there were five people in their household and that she had no money to buy food. Beyond that, he picked up that it was her first time at CES and she was apprehensive to say the least. He started to ask if anyone else could speak Spanish. Sara Sneed, from the Lutheran Campus Ministry at the U of M had come to check out CES to see if it would be a good fit for their organization. She had just finished helping someone when she overheard the request. "I speak Spanish," she replied.

Carl and Sara took the Spanish Sarah downstairs to pick out food that her family would eat. With Sara's help there was a way to communicate and Sarah became comfortable, at ease and grateful for the assistance. The right combination of people happened. Carl stated "This was the first time that I've needed an interpreter. It was a God thing."

Carl also stated that he could go other places to volunteer, but loves to come to CES because of the emphasis on prayer and the encouragement to establish relationships with the clients. "We can understand what their need is. This aspect is significant to me!"

Volunteer Contact:

Melanie LaPointe
Email: mlapointe@cesmn.org
Phone: 612.870.1125, extension 128

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